Do I really need a new business? COVID 19!

Just like the fisher man needs to go a fishing regularly, so a businessperson needs to be about his business. Our wants and needs cannot be stopped even with the covid19. There are certain things that will continue to be essentials especially at this period. Food and Health. If one of them is lacking, it can create a disaster. For us to have food in abundance we need money, for us to keep healthy we need food, exercise, as well as money to maintain all.

COVID 19 has changed stories for some people. This is because their businesses are threatened. Even with the ease of lockdown globally, social distancing is expected to be maintained. How do we cope? Some businesses  might need adjustment, some diversification, some collaboration and co-creation, some something completely new and some a total turn around. when it comes to decision making on important issues like having a source of income, Help is needed


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