Business Idea Generation in One Minute

A step by step guide that shows you how to use the One Minute Ideas Creation Formula to generate a profitable business idea.

This program is different and specially unique because it has you in mind.

  • You will be guided through the framework and it gives you an opportunity to put yourself, your abilities and conditions into consideration before arriving at a decision.
  • Guide you to do self-scanning, self-application following the step by step guide and intentional decision making.
  • It will give you financial freedom through the profitable business idea.
  • It is unique because It is universally applicable, yet personal.
  • it is applicable to anyone that is hungry for success to by running  a profitable  business.
Module 1 MODULE 1
Unit 1 Look Inside
Module 2 MODULE 2
Unit 1 Look Back
Module 3 MODULE 3
Unit 1 Look At Others
Module 4 MODULE 4
Unit 1 Look Out
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