Using the One-Minute Ideas Creation Framework

One-Minute Creation Framework

When you try to make very important decisions in life, you need information to guide you. Important decisions about your choice of business is not to be taken for granted. This programme provides for you a step by step guide to generating a business that will match your personality and provide for you the much desired income.

Do you have fears and problems that hold you back from generating a profitable business idea?

Does any of these sound like you?… 

  • Are you tired of having limited sources of income?
  • Are you tired of not being able to go on vacation when you want?
  • Are you sick and tired of watching your friends succeed in business while you are not doing anything?
  • Do you seem confused in the quest to get a profitable business idea?
  • Does it appear like the good opportunities elude you?
  • Are you tired of being heavily talented and not able to come up with a business idea that will earn you the income desired?
  • Do you feel caged in a business or employment and want to have the freedom of starting your own business?
  • Are you tired of living in a box, you’re shrinking, feeling stuck at crossroads, living beneath your full potential?

How I found the Framework

I’d always wanted to do something on my own where I will feel fulfilled and will also find profitable. Having to be around a lot of people, I have never been deprived of counsel , each person always had an advice on what business I could run. I had to do a business because it was in vogue. Yes, almost everyone was on it. It did not take long for me to realise I wasn’t cut out for it. I had to do another business because it’s a family business and I did not want to be an outcast I was all in. since it was not my passion and I did not have the skills therefore my performance was limited.

And then something happened…..

I got married.

And then I discovered something new…

I was fortunate to get married to a man who himself is hardworking and self-driven. We established and ran businesses in several sectors, following some of the societies methods. We have passed through situations of running joint businesses and he has also allowed me to follow my passion and skills. I cherish my passion and skill for impacting knowledge therefore, the freedom of being supported and allowed to flourish on my own is a great gain, which I know some people still struggle with. The learning process has made me to come out stronger.

Through our business consultancy services, I have worked with so many people that have been business owners, employees of both public and private organisations who took life for granted until when they were eased out due to reorganization, retirement and restructuring. Some have also been so tired of their jobs and wanted change. The common thing with all these people is that they never had a clue on what business to venture into.

The time of my interaction with them has helped me to come up with this unique One-Minute Creation Formula that is universal yet personal to each person.


This Program is not for everyone. The results of my students and I are not typical. This is business and  it requires hard work, risks and consistency. Several people who buy online programs and do not take action on information received will definitely not get any result. Your results will depend on some  factors such as Mindset and Willingness to take action.

Why Do You Fail to Take Action?

Will this work for me?

We’ve helped hundreds of people to quits their indecisive mindsets during our consultancy programs. This framework has gone way deeper based on our experience and expertise.Our past participants are growing and profiting in their businesses.

Should I wait till later?

Incidentally, there is no one that can cage time or tell time to wait for them, it is always on the move and your clock is ticking.

Many things can wait for you but,Time does not wait. The time your employers are reorganizing, the time you reach retirement age, the time you need more resources for comfort and needs cannot wait. Take control of your future today with our  proven program.

Its too expensive

With the cheap One-Minute Creation Framework we have provided , I am sure you will not want to try what it is like to be deprived of good things of life in the nearest future through indecision.

Happy Customers

CEO Andie Wears and Fabrics Insititute

I started as a clothing retailer till I met Kenny and her team. Kenny’s ability to impart knowledge definitely changed my productivity and business model. Kenny’s training gave me the structure, knowledge, and confidence to pull my business to that of having a specialized clothing line..

I would absolutely recommend her  to any one that wants to start or grow their business.

CEO Awckekey Autos

Kenny has attention to details and enthusiasm when it comes to delivery and impacting knowledge. This really makes learning easy.

CEO Faith and Martins Ventures

I count it a privilege to go through training by Kenny and her team. It has broaden my horizon, increased my capacity  and accelerated our output in managing resources, team work and business growth.

Kenny always deliver well-structured and explanatory lectures. Her training method and style are enlightening and productive, she is professional in her delivery. Her training delivery is top notch. I would recommend her to others because she gives our trainees a great reason to keep coming, that helps us achieve our organizational objectives.

Moji Salawu


The best way you can get started today

The best way to get started with the One-Minute Idea Creation Formula  that will help you generate profitable business ideas is  to know that it is result oriented.

You will discover the amazing Secrets of the hidden potentials in you. The great benefits that  are lined up in your life story as well as the untapped opportunities in your environment.

I’m so glad to be sharing this with you today.

I am introducing to you  


 A step by step guide that shows you how to use the One Minute Ideas Creation Formula to generate a profitable business idea.

This program is different and specially unique because it has you in mind.

  • You will be guided through the framework and it gives you an opportunity to put yourself, your abilities and conditions into consideration before arriving at a decision.
  • Guide you to do self-scanning, self-application following the step by step guide and intentional decision making.
  • It will give you financial freedom through the profitable business idea.
  • It is unique because It is universally applicable, yet personal.
  • It is applicable to anyone that is hungry for success to by running  a profitable  business

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Kenny Olubanjo

I am the Creator of the “One Minute Ideas Creation Framework”

I am a Speaker, Author and Trainer. I help people build capacity for success in life and business.

My goal for this course is to show you how to quickly generate a business idea that will earn you the much desired income.

So click below and let’s get started.

In this Program, 

You’ll Gain several secrets and watch how your life will be better from what you will learn

  • You will get a business idea that will give you Financial Freedom
  • You will have a profitable business idea that will give you peace of mind that comes with having abundance
  • You will have a business that goes with who you are that will boost your Self Esteem.
  • Respect and relevance from your community because you can make contribute contributions
  • Be an employer of labor as you will help take employment away from the streets
  • You will be able to enjoy your vacations and travels

·         What you’ll get in the Program:

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

What is inside this Program









I am also adding these Special Bonuses when you join today


This E-book provides for you detailed ideas of businesses that you could start from the very comfort of your homes with little or no overheads. They are indeed very profitable if you do something about it.


Access to our PRIVATE Community

Who is this Program for?

This Program is for YOU if you are hungry for success and you are:

  • A person who wants to run business from home
  • A person who want to make profit from your knowledge
  • A person who want to have additional stream of income.
  • A Young underemployed graduate that is hungry for success.
  • A Sit at home Mom.
  • Someone about to retire but do not want your lifestyle to drop.
  • A Working class person that is tired of 9-5 and desires to start your own business.
  • A Self motivated individual that is hungry for success.

Who is this Program Not for?


You are not hungry for success

You are a pessimist

You will not take action

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  1. People that are hungry for success
  2. Self motivated individuals that want more streams of income

Everything you will get and How you can Pay

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This Program is not for everyone. The results of my students and I are not typical. This is business and  it requires hard work, risks and consistency. Several people who buy online programs and do not take action on information received will definitely not get any result. Your results will depend on some  factors such as Mindset and Willingness to take action,

Generating a profitable business idea involves involves a consistent action. if you are not hungry for success, then this program is not for you.

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